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Dank App Ecosystem

Meet the Dank-est apps. These are the first applications that are leveraging (or will soon integrate!) Dank's services (like the Cycles Token, XTC) to offer seamless cycles, canister, and onboarding experiences on the Internet Computer!

Logo Name Description
Cycles Faucet Faucet tool that provides a one-time redeem of $100 worth of cycles to new developers on the Internet Computer. Users can redeem their cycles as Dank's Cycles Token (XTC). (Coming Soon) Coming Soon!. Canister and cycles management platform for deploying frontend, backend, infrastructure, or any kind of canister on the Internet Computer and manage their cycles via a simple, seamless interface.
Plug Wallet Integration coming Soon! Wallet and authentication provider. Plug is a browser extension that allows you to surface your ICP, and soon cycles or any other IC token's balance, as well as log into IC applications using your Principal ID.